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9901 Support Belt Comfort

Abdominal Support Belt






CE certified, made in Europe


Elastic Belt with front Velcro closure andflexible posterior stays for back support provides firm degree of compression to the upper and lower abdomen. This is made of a strong, breathable and lightweight fabric. These materials provide optimal combination of compression and support to the abdomen. The belt feels good next to the skin, and allows it to breathe.

Suitable for both - men and women.

Front velcro closure.

  • Two flexible posterior stays for back support
  •  24 cm high belt - covers the area from the the lower rib to the pubis.
  •  Does not restrict movement, e.g. walking, sitting, gentle exercise.
  • Can be used as long as you require.
  • Indistinguisable beneath most outfits.
  • best worn over fine cotton underwear.


-This belt offers firm support to the abdomen. 
-Gently holds the tummy in, hence dramatically improving mobility, thus decreasing risk of post-natal health complications.
-Helps to tackle back pain associated with delivery.
-Suitable for mild degree of split abdominal muscles following delivery.
-Assists in returning to your pre-pregnancy shape quickly.
-Medical grade product. Can be used after normal delivery or Caesarean Section.


The versatility of the product allows it to be used for a variety of additional purposes:

  • Supports abdominal muscles after abdominal traumas or operations; helps to prevent the formation of an incisional hernia.
  • Can be used post-operatively as a binder for surgical dressings
  • Widely used after liposuction and tummy tuck - helps the skin fit better to its new shape. In theory wearing this support after such procedures should help to reduce swelling, improve blood circulation and accelerate healing.
  • Supports floating kidney (renal ptosis, nephroptosis)
  •  Helps relieve back pain due to injury or muscle weakness

For new mums:          

  The bulges around the abdomen that you gain during pregnancy can remain forever!

Pregnancy hormones ensures good elasticity of the skin, hence it can  stretch very well over your bump.

This situation changes after you have given birth.  You do not have pregnancy hormones to keep maximum elasticity of the skin, but you have lots of loose and overstretched skin around your abdomen. 

The longer that your skin stays stretched after delivery the more chance you have to acquire permanent bulges around your waistline. 

Hence it is essential to help your skin to rest and contract which would allow you to regain your previous shape quickly.

Hence you should wear elastic body-shaping briefs or belts specially designed for  new mothers as soon as possible after delivery.

Take your waist measurments after you have given birth.

   Sizing guide.        

   Sizes do not correspond to common skirt or trousers sizes (see sizing guide below)  


Size a, сm (inches) h, сm (inches)
0 XXS 55-64     (21.7 - 25.2) 24  (9.5)
1 XS 65-74     (25.6 - 29.1)  24  (9.5)
2 S 75-84     (29.5 - 33.1) 24  (9.5)
3 M 85-94     (33.5 - 37.0) 24  (9.5)
4 L 95-105   (37.4 - 41.3) 24  (9.5)
5 XL 106-115 (41.7 - 45.3) 24  (9.5)

COMPOSITION OF THE MATERIAL: Polyester - 66%, Latex - 34%. 

WASHING: Fully washable -hand wash

FITTING INSTRUCTIONS: To achieve the maximum benefit, lay on your back, take a deep breath in and tighten the belt around your waist. This method might not be suitable for all individuals. Can be worn up to 24 hours a day, depending on doctor's recommendations.

SAFETY NOTICE: We use the manufacturer's recommendations and our own experience in order to provide as accurate a description of the item as possible. The article on this webpage is provided for information only and should not be used as a basis for diagnosis or treatment. We strongly recommend that you seek professional advice prior to using any medical supports. We do not accept any liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss or damage due to incorrect use and/or fitting of this product.